VW Blind Spot Monitor Keeps You Safer on the Road

August 7th, 2018 by

You know that feeling when you go to switch lanes in Tysons Corner, but then you realize there’s another vehicle next to you or in your blind spot? We do, too! With the Volkswagen Blind Spot Monitor, the guesswork is taken out of changing lanes or merging, as this system provides valuable information when there’s a vehicle in your way in Springfield.

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Increasing heavy traffic on urban and suburban roadways can make driving a challenge. To assist you in navigating heavily traveled roads, Volkswagen offers Blind Spot Monitor. Blind Spot Monitor begins to operate at speeds above 9 miles per hour and will continue to operate as you slow down to about 6 miles per hour.

The Blind Spot Monitor checks the area behind and to each side of the vehicle, commonly known as the blind spots, and alerts you when other vehicles enter these zones. The radar sensors send out signals to measure the distance to nearby vehicles and calculate the speed difference between their vehicle and your vehicle. The monitored area is roughly 21 yards behind and on each side of the vehicle. The monitored area next to the vehicle is about one lane wide.

When a vehicle enters the monitored zone, warning lights on the side view mirrors are illuminated to notify you that a vehicle is there. If you activate a turn signal to change lanes while other vehicles are in the zone, warning lights will flash brightly to warn of traffic in close proximity, advising you against changing lanes. The faster a vehicle approaches, the earlier the signal in the outside mirror appears.

If your vehicle is equipped with Lane Assist, and the Blind Spot Monitor senses that a vehicle is in the zone as you begin to make a lane change, the system to will attempt to make a steering correction.

Now, if you’re passing another vehicle, and the speed between your vehicle and the other vehicle is less than 6 miles per hour, the Blind Spot Monitor will illuminate in the corresponding mirror. If your speed difference if more than 6 miles per hour, there won’t be a signal.

You can switch Blind Spot Monitor on or off in the instrument cluster display by going to “Assist Systems” and selecting “Blind Spot Monitor.” You can also turn it off or on in the infotainment system by selecting the car button. Select “Set Up,” and then “Assistance System.” Scroll down to “Blind Spot Monitor,” and touch the checkbox to turn the system on or off.

Blind Spot Monitor assists you as you change lanes, helping you to keep tabs on vehicles cruising over your shoulder, and out of sight.

Experience the VW Blind Spot Monitor on a Test Drive

Feel safer on the road with a new or used Volkswagen equipped with the Blind Spot Monitoring system. Additionally, check out some of the other advanced Volkswagen technology features like Volkswagen Digital Cockpit. Be sure to reach out if you have any questions or check out Volkswagen FAQ!


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