Volkswagen Tiptronic Transmission

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Volkswagen Tiptronic transmission

Benefits of a Volkswagen Tiptronic transmission

Owning a Volkswagen is special. Along with a gorgeous, timeless piece of machinery, VW owners can enjoy a number of benefits from vehicle ownership. One major benefit of owning a Volkswagen is an available Tiptronic automatic transmission on select models. Tiptronic transmissions combine the convenience of an automatic and the fun-to-drive spirit of a stick shift.

What is a Tiptronic transmission?

A Tiptronic transmission is basically a regular automatic transmission where the driver is able to move out of “automatic mode” and use paddle shifters to shift up or down like a manual transmission.

Volkswagen Tiptronic transmissionA Tiptronic system lets drivers choose — at the touch of a button — whether they’d like to drive an automatic or manual transmission. A Tiptronic transmission is also referred to as a Sportmatic or Steptronic transmission in some circles.

The Tiptronic transmission is meant to provide the *feel* of a manual transmission without the added hassle of using a clutch. Those folks routinely caught in traffic during commutes will appreciate being able to bounce back and forth from automatic to manual transmission mode.

Can a Tiptronic transmission replace a stick shift?

This question really depends on your driving preference. Some drivers find a Tiptronic transmission to be an adequate replacement for a manual. We’d encourage you to take a test drive in one of the vehicles at Lindsay VW — like the Passat — to see what it’s like for yourself.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of driving a manual transmission, don’t worry about it. Tiptronic transmissions have safeguards built in that will automatically shift if the driver forgets. In addition to Volkswagen models, Tiptronic transmissions also appear on Audi, Land Rover, Lamborghini models, and more. So, it’s evident that Volkswagen is in good company.

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