What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

Car collision in the parking lot

You may be wondering what is the auto liability insurance definition. In most states, auto liability insurance is necessary for all drivers on the road. It is a two-fold plan that covers bodily injury and property damage. Even though each is its own separate coverage, you are still required to have both. If you are at fault in the event of a collision in Tysons Corner, liability insurance covers expenses from injuries to other people or property damage. What does liability insurance coverage pay for? Lindsay Volkswagen of Dulles explains the basics of liability insurance below. 

How Does Liability Insurance Work?

While both bodily injury and property damage fall into your overall liability coverage, you are able to set individual limits for each one. Each state usually has required minimum limits, but you have the opportunity to set your own limits depending on what you are comfortable with. What is covered by liability insurance? 

  • Property Damage
    • Repair expenses
    • Necessary part replacement
    • Vehicle damage
    • General property damage (house, personal property, etc.)
    • Pets
  • Bodily Injury
    • Medical and hospital bills
    • Any long-term nursing care that may be needed
    • Funeral expenses in the event of a fatal accident
    • Rehab
    • Pain and suffering
    • Lost earnings

The main thing to take away about liability insurance is that it is not for the driver at fault in a collision, but for the victim of the accident. Another important detail about liability insurance is that it is essential that you set proper limits on your liability coverage that are compatible with what you can offer.

Liability Coverage Limits

When drivers in Springfield are setting up their liability coverage plans, the topic of coverage limits should come up. Limits can either be split or housed as a single limit. What does this mean? 

  • A split limit gives you a chance to set individual maximums for bodily injury payments per person, for all people injured, and all property damage.
  • There is not a total limit for each person if you opt for a single limit. What happens is that the lump sum is divided across all who were injured as well as the property damaged.

Lindsay Volkswagen of Dulles has the Details on Car Insurance

If you have additional questions about your car insurance options, do not hesitate to reach out to the experts at Lindsay Volkswagen of Dulles. We would be glad to provide you with the information that you need as well as answer your questions about financing

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