What Are The Benefits of Electric Cars?

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Are you thinking the time is right for you to make the switch from a gas-powered car to a new electric vehicle (EV)? You’re not alone! As green vehicle technology continues to make great strides, more and more Tysons Corner drivers are getting ready to trade in their gas vehicles. There are numerous benefits of electric cars to anticipate when you get behind the wheel, including fewer maintenance tasks and decreased emissions during Springfield commutes.

Read on with Lindsay Volkswagen of Dulles to explore the environmental benefits of electric cars, as well as the personal perks you’ll enjoy.

Environmental Benefits of Electric Cars

First and foremost, the environmental benefits of electric cars can help you make a positive impact during your daily travels in Alexandria:

  • Zero Emissions: Electric vehicles produce little to no tailpipe emissions because they don’t have an exhaust system. This lends itself to cleaner air in Sterling!
  • Renewable Energy: Because they’re powered by electricity, electric vehicles have the unique environmental benefit of being able to utilize renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, or even water.

What Makes EV’s Different From Standard Road Vehicles?

With all the hype surrounding them, many people hear phrases like “Electric Cars vs. Gas Cars” or “Hybrid vs. Electric Car” without context. In contrast to previous road vehicles, electric cars have several differences. As more new vehicles are released to the public, you want to know what’s expected from the current line of EVs.

Rather than going to your local gas station, you can plug your vehicle in at home, or at a nearby charging station. Multiple states, including Virginia, have begun installing charging stations in various locales to assist with the increase in EVs on the road. After several hours—or less than an hour, in some cases—your car will be fully charged. This also depends on the voltage level of the unit that’s powering your car when connected. Volkswagen has also put together their own guide on such voltage levels. While the exact price of electricity will vary depending on where, when, and how you charge, comparing electric car costs per mile vs. gas shows that choosing an EV can add increased savings to your wallet at the end of the year.

Hybrid cars utilize a mix of gas and electricity, whereas electric vehicles are solely based around one energy source. Instead of having an electric engine alongside gas, your power comes from the electric motor alone.

Other Benefits of Electric Vehicles

In addition to the decreased environmental impact, there are also some personal benefits of electric vehicles for local drivers to consider. With public fast-charging stations becoming increasingly available and the option to install a home fast-charging station as well, it’s easier than ever to integrate a new Volkswagen electric car into your life!

Take a look at the advantages you’ll enjoy along the way:

  • Fewer Maintenance Items: Fully electric cars do not have an engine, so there’s no engine service or oil changes required. You’ll be spending a lot less time and money in the service lane when you own an EV!
  • Less Noise: Another benefit related to the lack of engine in an EV is that there’s no engine noise. You’ll enjoy a more peaceful morning commute while contributing less to noise pollution in your city. In fact, many EVs are so quiet that their manufacturers have to install a faux “engine noise” to ensure pedestrians are aware of the vehicle’s presence in parking lots and residential areas!
  • Performance: You won’t notice any decrease in performance when you switch to an electric vehicle. Today’s EVs are capable of producing near-instantaneous torque, so you’re in for an exciting drive every time.

Discover a Volkswagen Electric Car at Lindsay Volkswagen of Dulles

After learning more about the benefits of electric vehicles, are you eager to explore your options? Lindsay Volkswagen of Dulles can help you make a seamless transition! Contact us or stop by our dealership to learn more about Volkswagen electric cars like the VW ID.4, and get in touch with our finance center to explore EV incentives.

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