How Does an Electric Car Transmission Work?

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Electric vehicles are increasingly popular among Tysons Corner-area drivers. They serve as an alternative to traditional gas-powered cars, helping you to save no matter where you’re driving in the Sterling area. While gas savings are certainly a major highlight of driving an electric vehicle, another significant perk is that they require less maintenance. Of course, you still need to schedule routine service appointments, but there are fewer moving parts to worry about.



With that said, many customers wonder whether electric vehicles have transmissions, and how an electric car transmission works. Get the details you need about the electric car transmission and gears on electric cars in this guide from Lindsay Volkswagen of Dulles!

Gears on Electric Cars

An electric car transmission doesn’t function the same as a standard transmission on a gas-powered vehicle. That’s because an electric motor produces nearly instantaneous torque, unlike an internal combustion engine. As such, there’s no need to rev the engine to create peak power during Springfield drives.

What does that mean for gears on an electric car? Generally speaking, electric cars have a single-speed transmission, which allows drivers to access top power as soon as they step on the accelerator. We outline how an electric vehicle powertrain works below.

  1. Upon stepping on the accelerator, electricity is sent from the battery to the electric motor.
  2. The spinning motor then spins the gearbox (aka electric car transmission).
  3. As the motor and gearbox spin, your vehicle will begin to move. Some electric motors have the capacity to rotate up to 20,000 rpm. By contrast, the majority of internal combustion engines only rotate up to 7,000 rpm.
  4. When you transition to reverse, the electric motor spins backward. In a standard vehicle, there is a separate gear in the transmission that allows you to move in reverse.

Maintaining an Electric Car Transmission

While electric vehicles do not require as much maintenance as a gas-powered vehicle, they still do need to be inspected from time to time. For instance, an electric car transmission may have fluid that needs to be changed at recommended intervals. Check your owner’s manual for specifics on maintaining an electric car transmission. You can also work with our service team if you’re unsure about maintenance schedules.

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